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Posted By Bakari

Follow this link:


If you are reading this post, that probably means you are subscribed to this blog.

Well, this is the last thing I will ever post here, ever.


So click the link above for more great random content from the brain of Bakari Kafele (and the old content, better organized and more readable)


At the top right you will find easy buttons to subscribe to the new one via email or RSS.


Then you can unsubscribe to this one (though there is really no need, because I won't be posting stuff here anyway)


Thank you for putting up with a 4000 character limit and links to MySpace for this long.


Posted By Bakari


I have known I should do this for years, but I have been too lazy.


My business website's blog server has a ridiculously restrictive 4000 total character limit, which makes it practically useless.


My main content has been MySpace since July of 2006, back before Facebook even existed, when I finally gave into making an account so I could blog, thereby ending my very bad habit of reading and writing and responding to posts on CraigsList Rant 'N Rave section.


I also have content on the blog section of (who filmed and host my most well known thing on the internet, the video about living in an RV in order to save both money and natural resources:


And I have been sharing a blog with my friend Beth who now lives in Taiwan, though neither of us has been very active on it.


Having been inspired by a request for a used bike buying guide and having no good place to post it, I have finally started my own blogger account.


After this, I will then be gradually moving all my old content - as a word document, 352 pages worth - to this new, much easier to navigate, more user friendly site.


I have long since come to understand that the reason I have never had any sort of consistent readership is because, much like in real life, I have nothing even remotely resembling a theme.  People subscribed to blogs because they cover a topic they are interested in detail.  My writing spans politics, science, social commentary, religion, bicycles, my own personal life, environmentalism, race, economics... the list goes on. 

I am interested in a lot of very different things.

I like to know a little of everything, even if it means being expert in nothing.  I feel you gain a better understanding of the world and life as aa whole when you can see how all the pieces fit together. 

This has not been the best financially, as I have gotten bored of nearly every job I've held and quit within a year (I'd had over 30 jobs by the time I started my business at age 27) eliminating any potential for benefits or 401Ks or raises that come only after a probationary period.

And it is no good for building a blog audience either.


But you know what?  That's ok, because I didn't start writing for the fame anyway.  I write to get ideas that are stuck in my head out of there.


But now at least, when someone does happen to be interested in something I've written, it will be easy to find and easy to read, and I will never have to suffer through the embarrassment of sending someone to MySpace again.

Posted By Bakari

I haven't written anything here in a very long time.

I have been too busy with living in the moment, experincing stuff.

All sorts of exciting stuff, which would make excellent topics for blog posts.

The long awaited Berkeley Bike Station 2.0 opened up!

I started going to CrossFit regularly.

I became an official polling place worker.  It was my first time ever doing it, and somehow I was designated as "Inspector", or the supervisor of the site.  I had hundreds of blank ballots sitting in my living room.  Fushi (my feline roommate) really liked to sit on those boxes of ballots.

I learned that I have videos on Youtube, talking about energy efficiency and living small and reuse and all that junk.  And that I have 89 THOUSAND views!!!!!!!!!
I started getting people writing to me (via facebook) to ask me follow up questions, people interested in fulltiming themselves.

I helped build a chicken playground for baby chicks, and then an outdoor run, and then a bigger run, and then an egg box, for 6 growing chickens.

I volunteered at the bicycle music festival, taking it upon myself to be the groups traffic director in minimize any potential conflicts between the cyclists and motorists.

And, of course, I joined the United States Coast Guard Reserve, and spent 2 months at bootcamp in Cape May New Jersey, doing push-ups, getting yelled at from 1 inch away by drill sergeants (they call them company commanders), and learning military protocol, marching, and a few boat handling skills.
I've had my first weekend of active reserve drilling, and am working on getting qualified to operate the 25' Defender class Response Boat, which I will someday use to patrol the San Francisco Bay and help stranded boaters and search for missing people.

Any one of these topics could easily make a whole blog post on their own.

However, I don't really feel like writing that much.

You're lucky you even got this much.

Until next time...

See you later,
and enjoy life

Posted By Bakari

Several people have said to me recently that they follow, or would follow, my writing here occasionally, but...
I write too often, or
They want to learn about me present before me past, or
They only sometimes have time, or
They don't remember to check, or...

There is a simple solution to all these and more.
I don't really add posts very often.
When there are many within, say, one month, they all tend to be very short (like recently).

But when they build up, of course eventually it gets to be a lot to read.

But there is this great free service, called blog alert.

I made it really easy: just put your email address in the little box in the top left corner of this page.

They will not ever spam you.  I swear.  I know, because I use the service myself for all of the other blogs I follow (you can set it up for any site with an RSS feed).
I will have no idea that you signed up, and no idea if you cancel later.
They will send a single notification per day, only on days where there is new content (I make it a rule to never post more than once a day anyway).
You can cancel anytime, using the link in each notification email.

Posted By Bakari

I notice a good number of people have set to follow me.
I have absolutely no intention of becoming a Twit.

I signed up to Twitter so I could follow other people.

Ok.  I'll be honest.  So I could learn more about one specific person.  And I figured while I was here why not follow all of my friends?

The best way to learn of the various things going on in my life and mind would be my blog.  I only update it once or twice a month, but when I do they are (usually) much more in depth, (or, to look at it another way - you have to read more than 140 characters, but I only write once or twice a month).
You can sign up for it using the little box in the corner, and it will email you when there is something new.
For short blips there is my Gmail-integrated-chat-status-message.  Surely you are using gmail by now?  Add me to your chat list and there you will get my random character limited thoughts and quotes and updates and such.

Posted By Bakari

My friend/co-worker, upon hearing about my truck project, encouraged me (repeatedly) to do a write up for the do-it-yourself website
As it happened, I was working on consolidating my blog posts on the topic for the hypermiling websites from which I had originally gotten most of the ideas I've been implementing.
So I followed the link he sent, signed up, and reformatted the posts to be appropriate for the popular how-to site.

The site was new to me, so it took basically all day figuring out the features and making changes to the content and pictures and tweaking various things.  Comments started coming in, and I responded to the comments, and then a site administrator must have seen it and liked it because before the first day was over I was promoted to a "featured" item, which meant my post was put on the site's homepage.

And the views took off.  By day two there had been over 4000 views, and it was moved to the "popular" section of the homepage.
Right now (3 and half days since I published) its up to 6415 views and over 50 comments.
One of which was: "I think I might play the aero game on my car now!"

That's the best compliment I could get. If I encourage just one person to drive a little slower, or even do some mods, writing all this up will have all been worth the effort.

It's one thing writing on my own blog, or on a hypermiling website, but introducing these ideas to the general population, that is gratifying.

Posted By Bakari

I would like to point out that in January of this year, I wrote about houses not being a sound financial investment.

Popularly "sub-prime" is thought of as referring to lending to people with poor credit history.  In fact, 61% of sub-prime borrowers had a credit rating high enough for a traditional loan.  The middle class tend to be at least as guilty of living beyond their means as the working class.  21% of those making over 100k a year say they live paycheck to paycheck.
At the time I wrote the blog an unprecedented number of people were deliberately buying houses grossly out of their means using interest only loans (which would never be paid off, by design) on the assumption (by both the consumer and the bank) that the housing market would continue to climb at the rate it was forever. 
That climb, however, was driven mainly by that very speculation, valuable only due to popularity.
This summer, 6 months later, so many people were defaulting on their loans that it affected the entire credit industry, and by extension, the entire economy.

I have an associates degree in economics.  How is it that I was able to see this, yet no one in the dozens of banks and credit institutions, nor the rest of the financial sector was?  Or perhaps were they just confident that friends in the white house would help out with tax payer money?

Stay tuned for the coming of my more direct predictions.

Posted By Bakari

I just discovered a website which allows bloggers to easily add a feature so that readers can receive email updates when a new entry is posted, rather than using RSS feeds or randomly checking for new posts.

Alternatively, it can be used by readers to receive emails, even if the author hasn't set it up.

I just added one here. See, there it is, right at the top of the page, on the left!

for authors:

If you can not access your source code, see if you can add a "custom script" to your side bar items.

for readers:
pretty straight forward, just do it once for every blog (or other RSS item) you want to follow

Its free.

Posted By Bakari

I wrote some months ago about this same thing, but this time its even more extreme.

On my original MySpace blog, I have reached over 5,000 page views.
Its been 2 and a half years, 125 entries.
5.5 views per day, on average (although, of course I don't write nearly that often.  More accurately, about 40 views per entry)
9 readers.
That would be, on average, 570 views per subscriber, or 4.5 views per blog.
But why would you read each one 4 times?
So then are actually 4 times more readers, who haven't "subscribed"?
Kind'a seems like a lot.
Who are they?
Why won't they leave a comment?
This is what I asked last time.

My new blog, on my website server, has only been up since Feb. of this year.
8 months ago.
It has over 10,000 hits
(I was planning to write this at 10,000, but by the time I noticed, it was already up to 10,200)
33 new entries since then.
Over 40 hits per day, average.
80 per entry, assuming people reading the new one went back and read every single past one.
300 views per entry if people only read the new ones as they are posted.
And presumably my MySpace readers are still reading on MySpace, since they get automatic updates when there is a new entry which they can access by just clicking the link in the email.
So that eliminates 9 (or 40) people.
I can think of a few obvious people I know are probably checking for updates on the biodieselhauling server now and then.
But not 80-300.
Maybe extra because of checking when there is nothing new. 4 times per day?  I can't even think of 10 people.

I ask again.
Who are you?
Write in the comment section.
I am so curious.

Posted By Bakari

I never set out, intended, nor expected to become a representative of the environmental movement, an activist, or really anyone special at all.
As I mentioned in blogs past, I believe the most significant and positive thing we can do to be responsible citizens is to truly live each of our own individual lives as close to our own principals as we can. I believe this makes more real difference than all of the shouting, the signs, the email letters to representatives. If everyone just did their own little part, there would cease to even be a need for the grand gestures.
And yet, as it turns out, apparently living by my modest principals has propelled me into this role without my having to try.

In just the past couple weeks:

-I have been offered the position of vice-president of the board of a (not yet in existence) children's library, (I am the only member of the board with neither an advanced degree nor related education and/or non-profit experience)
-I was interview for a grad student's thesis (ok, granted, those first two are somewhat related)
-I was filmed by and have 3 short video interviews which touch on my home, my vehicles, and my business
-I presented the awards (and gifts) to the team in Alameda county which logged the most commute miles during bike-to-work month last May (when I also volunteered, packing gift bags as well as at one of the energizer stations) at the Dublin city council meeting (the winner's were all employees of the City of Dublin)
-I had the domain I originally wanted for my website donated to me by the previous owner - despite my specifically requesting to pay for it, on the grounds of his liking what I am doing with it
-Soon I will be running yet another free bicycle parking station at a local event yet another thing which I am not quite sure how I ended up doing.
-And with any luck, I'll end up a member of the Oakland Bike Patrol which is mostly an excuse to get me to ride my mountain bike more, but is also because, believe it or not, I kind of miss my old job as a private security guard sometimes - I actually got to help a lot of people.

You know what I always say: "Volunteering is for suckers. Did you know so called volunteers don't even get paid?" (Homer Simpson)

[entire blog at MySpace]

Posted By Bakari

oh, wait - yes they do.


Since I AM biodiesel hauling.


However, this in no way is even remotely related to the business.


I just figured that since I am paying for web server space, I may as well host my own blog.

The first couple dozen entries were originally Craigslist Rant&Rave postings, rewritten for my MySpace blog, and everything after that is from my MySpace blog (except where noted, mostly letters to the editors).


This way, if MySpace suddenly explodes, I don't lose all my old thoughts forever.  Not unless the entire internet crashes at once.


Come to think of it, maybe I should print this stuff out too...

Posted By Bakari

I say "have a good night"

They respond "enjoy your weekend"

It sounds pretty stupid, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I always feel like maybe they are trying to show me up with a superior salutation (wait, does that mean greeting? what is the term for goodbyes?)
Like I should say "on yeah, well enjoy your whole week! Have a good month!!!! I hope your whole life is filled with meaning, pleasure, and goodness - motherfucker!"

These thoughts would not occur to normal people would they?

Here is an unrelated question.
I have asked it before, but no one ever answered it.

I have 7 readers (one of the 8 is really me)
This blog has supposedly been read 16 times today, and 95 this week, although there have only been 2 posts.
Who are you? Where did you find me? Why don't you ever comment? Or are the same 7 people refreshing the page over and over and over, 13.5 times each, (or is it all Beth, who mentioned doing something like that once, refreshing the page 83 times this week?)
On average each post has had 26 views. Maybe thats normal. Someone must be reading this and knows the answer and refuses to tell me. You, whoever you are, are just so weird.

See my new profile picture? One of the earliest cars with the Tango. It probably won't be the car of the future, but it should be. 2 Passenger electric car, powerful, fast, full steel racing style roll cage, thin enough t lane split or park between 2 regular parking spaces facing the curb. The traffic jam would go the way of the model T.
Unfortunately, the reasonably affordable models are only concept cars until they get more funding.

George Cloony bought one of the first of their top of the line sports models.

hour and a half till I get to go home...

Posted By Bakari

It must have been that I started writing these meaningless silly ones, sort of like this one, instead of the constant barrage of opinionated, angry, political/philosophical crap I started out with, that whole "Chapter #; in which..."

800.  Wow.  Really wish I could see who all these people are. 
I barely know 8 people, are they reading them over and over, or have I somehow caught the attention of total strangers? 800 views of 50 posts, that's an average of 16 each!  Now I need only adding in sublminial messages, and before long I could - dare I say it?- RULE THE WORLD!
Mwah HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

2 more!  already?  how is this possible?  Does the mere act of posting count as a "view" by myself?  And even then, who's the other one?  Just now?  in the time it took me to post the above blog?  WTH?  who are you?  why don't you ever comment?  yabadahlieoto?!?! what is the smiley icon for confused? hows that?