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Posted By Bakari

My last collection of status messages was way too long.
I wouldn't want to go through and click all those links.
But they were all very interesting!
For reals tho!

So I'm going to post the collections here a little more often.
Plus, then I don't have to write anything new.  Writing is hard.  And time consuming.
And it consumes a lot of calories, having to think so much.

Without further ado, the gmail status messages I have had between my last post and today (most recent at the top):


parkour class = most fun thing ever


my legend builds...

The brain uses about 20 percent of the calories that we eat.

finally scientific confirmation that men are jerks

large SUVs may be illegal on your street.

I am not off the grid. More like I sip and nibble at the edges, while typical Americans gobble giant gluttonous globs of grid.

Incompetent people more self-confident than competent people.  This explains SO much

The best predictor of whether someone voted for or against Prop 8 was how frequently a voter attended a place of worship.


2 hours by car, or 12 min by BART - the choice is clear; you might accidentally touch a stranger on BART.
BART ridership up 50%.  San Mateo bridge traffic up 300%.  Americans make me sick.

"the only difference between the good guys and bad guys is who's paying the bills" - Jacob Aziza, problem solver.

I am down to 35 inbox messages and 2 marked unread

removing a quarter million single occupant commuters sure makes for a smooth rush hour

I get a perversely intense joy from the bridge closure

I have normal cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure levels

week 2 of gym membership.  intensity level mixture of almost crying and almost throwing up.  I will be in the best shape of my life, assuming I survive it long enough.

I've been thinking about mortality lately. I've decided to spend the brief time I have here being awesome.

I am short, Black, and poor.  The three least attractive traits for single women, statistically.  I must be one hell of an amazing individual to have had the experiences I had dating this past year.

just because I agree with you once does not make you an idiot

The more charming a guy is, the less he respects her

not learning from your mistakes is the ultimate sign of living in the present

cats don't worry

Posted By Bakari

Last time it was almost a years worth of status messages.

This time was only a month or two.  Even so, it wouldn't all fit in a single entry of my extremely character limited blog server that comes free with my cheapo website host server.


Here are a few more:


"You don't make me feel guilty at all.  You inspire me."

white women are racist

word hard, makes lots of money, die young:
perhaps government should be looking for ways to extend the recession

My home; clean. In 3D.

Vigilante coast guard turned pirates: robin hood or thug?

It is a luxury of the economically comfortable to cater to irrational fears

Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is just as effective as anti-depressants.  Without any medical side-effects.

"Green" too often today means "moderately less destructive version of something we don't need in the first place

Schools taking fingerprints of poor children before giving them lunch

So much for "large heavy vehicles are safe"

New anti-capitalist rate structure


"Good taste is the first refuge of the uncreative."

Health insurance companies make over $1 million per employee

lest there was any doubt the real reason medicines cost so much:  the money is going to profits.  Also note that air travel is highly subsidized, and neither environmentally nor even financially sustainable:

Math, Geography, and Reading Tutor

teacher = hero

I worked with a guy who is 70 years old
I told him I could handle the work, but he insisted on helping
I said I hope I can still do this work at 70
I asked him the secret
he said, kind of quietly, "lots of sex"

Now accepting information, contacts, and donations regarding non-profits, grant writing, education, and libraries.

I am now officially a treasurer. 
Now I need to figure out what that actually means...

Free wood

Commuter dog


Posted By Bakari

My Gmail-integrated-chat status message is sort of my version of twitter. Character limited blurbs of whats going on, interesting facts and quotes, links to various stuff.
For some reason there are still some people who don't use gmail as their primary personal email client. So they don't get to see any of my status messages.
Not to worry! I have been collecting them for about the past 10 months:


To pull a man out of the mud, a friend must set foot in that mud - Rabbi Nachman

"In my day, television was called 'books' "

Eat Drink and Be Merry, for tomorrow we die

if you can read this, thank a teacher

poor and happy

do you deserve to be a citizen? citizenship exam or citizenship exam v2

I want to cuddle her fucking brains out

I consider cuteness an unnecessary bonus. Fucking jackpot, man.

Set Status Here

History of Birth Control


Too Much

You feel the way you do right now because of the thoughts you are thinking at this moment

Bush Ducks Shoe

No one can cut you off if you choose to slow down and let them in

sex and sustainability - a sex toy story

Race and B2B

Dinosaur Rap

"I think presumptuousness and judgementalness are major traits of your personality"

Governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deducted from it. - Georg Hegel

Spare The Air Day Tomorrow

I can not think of any clever or informative status messages

[Free blog server has character limit; OH NO!  No worry, more clever or informative status messages past are here:]

Posted By Bakari

I would much appreciate it if you voted for my instructable.

I don't so much want the prize, but I would love the exposure.

Unfortunately you have to sign up, but fortunately it's free, and doesn't take very long.

Thanks in advance.

Posted By Bakari

I notice a good number of people have set to follow me.
I have absolutely no intention of becoming a Twit.

I signed up to Twitter so I could follow other people.

Ok.  I'll be honest.  So I could learn more about one specific person.  And I figured while I was here why not follow all of my friends?

The best way to learn of the various things going on in my life and mind would be my blog.  I only update it once or twice a month, but when I do they are (usually) much more in depth, (or, to look at it another way - you have to read more than 140 characters, but I only write once or twice a month).
You can sign up for it using the little box in the corner, and it will email you when there is something new.
For short blips there is my Gmail-integrated-chat-status-message.  Surely you are using gmail by now?  Add me to your chat list and there you will get my random character limited thoughts and quotes and updates and such.

Posted By Bakari

No ranting here.

It has come to my attention that a lot of people don't really know about these options.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have a computer, and if you have a computer, you will probably find one or more of these things useful.
They are free.
And they are even legal.

The first are related to security. Internet relate hacking can be a big problem when someone cracks into your computer remotely and ID thefts you. A bad virus can permanently crash computer. A dialer can rack up 100s in unauthorized phone charges by using your fax line to dial 900 numbers. Mostly its just annoying software that hopes to entice you to buy some stupid crap.
While Norton and McAfee would like you to spend $60 plus a ongoing subscription charge, you can get equally good protection from viruses, spyware, and hackers, all for free.

For viruses, try AVG Free.
For spyware (and a lot more under "advanced, if you so choose) install "SpyBot Search and Destroy"
For a software firewall, there is ZoneAlarm (A firewall keeps people from accessing your computer remotely.) (note: they want you to buy the pay version. Read carefully and keep clicking the free options. It is fully functional, and does everything you need)

There are plenty of other free security software out there, but not all are equal. In fact, there are some "spyware removal" programs which are actually spyware themselves, and "antivirus" programs which install their own viruses.
These 3 programs have been around for many many years, and are well known. They have been shown in tests to be as effective as the big brand name versions. I personally have been using them successfully for years.

Then there is plain old Mozilla Firefox. It seems most people already know about it. According to my data compiler, almost as many people access my website using it as use Internet Explorer. If you aren't among them: Firefox takes the place of Internet Explorer. It has fewer security flaws. It is easier to use, but at the same time has more options and is more configurable. The latest version of IE was basically them trying to catch up with the format Firefox has had all along (most obviously the "tabs" option, which allows you to have two subwindows open within the same main window.) There is the added bonus of not using Microsoft software.

Chances are that you are using Firefox to read this right now.
But within it, there is something called "add-ons" which a lot of people never notice. Its in the menu bar under "tools".
Some examples:

AdBlock Plus. It will block all of the annoying flashing and animated advertising boxes and bars on 1/2 of the websites you use.

(find more at MySpace)